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Ozone Technology

About Ozone

Major physical properties of ozone are listed below:




Colorless Gas

Melting Point

-193 C

Boiling Point

-112 C


2.14 g/ltr.

Solubility In Water

20 C : 0.381 Ltr. O3 /Ltr. Water

Solubility In Water

60 C : 0 Ltr O3 /Ltr water

Strong UV Adsorption

254 nm

Keeping these in mind, we efficiently produce our range of Ozone Generators, Ozone Air Sterilizers, MOS Ozone Sterilizer, etc.

Ozone Oxidation is Nature's Gift To Mankind

Ozone (O3) is a distinct form of oxygen is comprised of more oxygen atoms than the earth's atmospheric oxygen (O2) that we inhale. The extra third atom of the Ozone make its molecules very unstable, it is the main key to ozone's oxidizing power. Owing to its unsuitability, the ozone molecules have a short life under normal conditions. This arises the need to constantly produce and supply O3 constantly to disinfection process.

Where many of the suppliers of the market fail to execute the disinfection process, we, Ozone Engineers, perform with perfection and manufacture as well as deliver our clients with ozone to provide the required disinfection power for numerous applications with a guarantee of standardized quality.

How is Ozone Generated?


Ozone is just another type of oxygen that is created due to electricity energy that break apart ordinary molecules of oxygen (O2) and initiates a chemical reaction that creates O3.

The formula for the chemical reaction is represented as:
(O1) + (O2) = (O3)

How Does Ozone Work?


The O3's third unstable oxygen atom  compatibly combines with inorganic as well as organic molecules in order to instantly either destroy or change via oxidation. Ozone is capable of oxidizing a wide range of substances such as bacterias, yeast, iron, manganese, etc.  The chemical oxidation process  results in complete destruction or reduction of third unstable oxygen molecule of ozone and leaves only O2 behind. Our company understands ozone's unstable nature perfectly and using such knowledge creates the best quality Ozone Air Sterilizers, MOS Ozone Sterilizer, Ozone Generators and more.

Ozone A Green Technology

Ozone disinfection is very effective, reliable as well as safe. Currently, ozone application is the most cost efficient as well as environmental friendly (Green Technology) way to sanitize perfectly.  The ozone is a perfect substitute to chlorine, steam and hot water in a huge variety of application processes.

The Benefits of Ozone

Ozone is the Environmentally Preferred Sanitizer

the natural power of ozone makes it a highly proffered sanitizer, it has absolutely zero adverse effect on the earth's environment. On the contrary, it benefits the environment by reducing usage of energy for heating up water as well as lowering chemical consumptions.

History Of Ozone

Ozone is Nature's Powerful Sanitizer

Ozone has been the part of earth's environment since the lightning arced for the first time through the oxygenated atmosphere. It has a unique smell. For thousands its existence was not known to mankind. It is the hard work of researchers as well as scientist who made use of latest technologies. Thanks to their help now mankind understands its unique properties. 

Ozone Identified as a Distinct Substance

for the first time, ozone was identified by thhe reputed German scientist Mr. Christian Friedrich Schnbein as a distinct chemical substance back in 1840.  By conducting an experiment between  electrolysis & electrical sparking, he sensed a familiar scent that is found after a lightning flash. He named the distinct substance 'Ozone'.

Even after identifying the substance, Steinbeck was not aware of its nature of the substance. Later on, he concluded that the scent of ozone was similar to the scent that can be detected at initiation of electrolysis of water. Understanding this, he conducted numerous experiments and came to a result that odor of the substance must be owing to some gaseous substance that disengaged conjointly with oxygen.  

The Synthesis of Ozone

the person who gave the chemical identity 'O3' to the ozone was Soret in 1865. He confirmed that all of the Schnbeins researches to be true shortly before hi death by using latest technology.

Soret concluded that industrial ozone can be created by flowing oxygen among charged anode as well as cathode pairs. Their electrical field breaks the molecules of the oxygen into two separate atoms which instantaneously form an unstable bond with another ordinary oxygen molecule to make O3.

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